Hot men dancing like dorks part 2: Idris Elba

by Ashley

I’m on a roll here! Idris Elba dancing like a dork on the bridge of Star Trek’s Enterprise and for a good cause. See the whole video and read up on the charities over on Vanity Fair.

Or just watch the dancing…


Idris Elba Star Trek dance

Source: Vanity Fair


Channing Tatum Voguing is the best thing on the internet today

by Ashley

Look, I know we haven’t posted in a while. But THIS! This is enough to drag my lazy ass out of this blogging malaise.

Ladies, behold! Channing Tatum voguing. You’re welcome.

Channing Tatum Voguing


Source: Nylon


This Lululemon scarf is my new everyday essential

by Ashley

Earlier this year, I was in a Lululemon store and spotted an employee in a cute top. “It’s a scarf!” she tells me. But it was out of season so I couldn’t buy one.  UNTIL NOW.

The Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf is back in stock. (I started to write this post a while back but they sold out immediately and I had to wait again!) I bought one and I love it. It’s reversible and the snaps make it really flexible to wear in a number of ways.  I took a flight last weekend, and it was the perfect airplane blanket (No, I do not want that germy, scratchy airline rag, thankyouverymuch.) And best of all, it’s made out of comfy yoga pants material.

They made a video to show you how to wear it.

UPDATE: Since I had to wait to repost, it’s now the holidays! This scarf would make an awesome gift!!


Wake Up Makeup

by Michelle

Many of our friends and readers are busy professionals and moms, so one of the questions we’ve gotten more than once is how to use makeup to perk up your face when you are extremely tired or sleep deprived (or just at that age where you start looking that way, regardless). So, here are some of my favorite perk-you-up products and tips.

1. Smooth and shiny skin

As we age, and/or when we aren’t taking the best care of ourselves, our skin becomes dull and blotchy. Smooth, shiny skin projects youth and health – you are “radiant” and you “glow from within”. This only occurs in real life before the age of 27 and during pregnancy. For the rest of us, we’ve got to fake it.

If you’re past your late 20’s, you can no longer get away with skipping foundation (I mean, unless you don’t care about looking tired. If you don’t give a fuck, neither do I! Present however you want to. Do you). The goal is to even skin tone and reduce redness, so if you tend to get ruddy, look for a foundation that is close to your skin tone but has yellow or beige undertones to correct this. DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT, buy a pink-toned foundation no matter how pink you naturally are. Also, foundation is one of those categories in which spending a little more money does net a superior product. There are many products you can get away with buying at the drug store. This is not one of them.

One of my favorite foundation tricks for glowing skin (though I usually save this for when I’m going out at night), is to mix a few drops of luminzer into my foundation. My favorite is NARS Iluminator. The resulting effect is, well, luminous. When your skin is slightly reflective, wrinkles and other imperfections are concealed as the light bounces off of your beautiful face.

2. Conceal!

We’re all big fans of concealer, I know, but there are a few tweaks you can make to your routine when you have been running on fumes.


I woke up like dis.

If you aren’t too tired or are just naturally blessed with a full under-eye area, you can get away with a few dots of a formula that matches your skin. For the rest of us, you’ll need something a shade or two lighter (you can even go up to 3 or 4 shades lighter here if you want to do the “extreme glamor” thing – think Kardashians). When you’re using your lighter product to look woken up, the normal undereye placement doesn’t work – it will look obvious, like reverse racoon eyes. Instead, you’ll need to extend the shape to cover dark circles AND highly bone structure. You can do this either by extending the shade in a larger half circle out to cover your temples, or by bringing the concealer down into a triangle shape under the eye. This effectively gives the illusion that the lighter color is your actual skin tone, and turns your normal skin into contoured spots. I like Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer.

3. Highlight

Yes, we sort of covered some of this, but…MOAR HIGHLIGHTER. Get something like Touche Elcat in a color a shade or two lighter than your skin, and run that bitch under your eyebrows, on your temples, down the bridge of your nose, above your top lip. Go crazy. LOOK HOW LIT FROM WITHIN YOU ARE.

4. Go for contrast

When you are tired, wear more makeup. The days you feel the least like putting on makeup are probably the days you need the most makeup. If nothing else, at least you’ll look like you cared enough to try.

But seriously – contrast is your friend here. Which means, don’t shy away from dark and bold colors. Fill in your eyebrows. Line your top lid (only your top lid!) with black eyeliner – it makes the eye look bigger and brings attention to the top of your eye, which makes you look AWAKE! Curl your eyelashes or use a mascara that does it for you, like Diorshow Iconic Overcurl. And bright pink and red lips are most definitely a DO on a tired day – just make sure you’ve depinkified your skin first, or they will just blend in with the ruddiness. DON’T skip blush (layering cream under powder will ensure that your flush lasts past breakfast).

Did doing all of this take you a full half hour? Yes, yes it did. But just look how age-defyingly radiant you are! Of course, if you are a real person with a real life and only have 5 minutes, feel free to cherry pick any one of these techniques. Any of them will give you some improvement.

Here’s my before and after (sorry for the shitty lighting, I’m tired…and oh so lazy). When you try, you might actually want to put some life into your eyes or something.


My trip to the Korean spa

by Ashley

The Korean-style Imperial Spa in San Francisco is hands down, the best spa value in the Bay Area. It’s also a little weird if you’re used to traditional western spas.

I’ve been dyinSpa Facilitiesg to try it out since I heard about it, but I was scared to go alone. I wanted to go with trusted friend who had been before. My friend Dora was in town and she happily agreed to go with me.

It’s nice, but not fancy.

My robe had a spot and my towels were a bit frayed. I didn’t care. There is also no flute and bubbling brook soundtrack. But the facilities are clean and there are free toothbrushes and razors.

Nudity is part of the experience.

Don’t worry, there are completely separate spas an entrances for men and women. (That’s right, boys; you can do this too!) Once you check in, you get a locker key and it’s pretty much naked time from there to the end. It’s the kind of thing that might have made me uncomfortable at 23, but at 33, I’m a grown ass woman. I love and accept my body, and we’re all human. It was not a big deal.

Arrive early to enjoy the spa facilities.

You start with a shower, but then you can enjoy the hot tub, cold plunge, and wet and dry saunas. So we did that for about 40 minutes.

The treatment is the best part.

At your appointment time, they call your name. You go upstairs to receive your treatment from a Korean auntie in her undies. Ok, it’s a bathing suit, but basically it’s underwear. Then you lay down on a plastic covered spa table in a space next to several other people naked on their own tables.

She poured warm water on me and started with the scrub. She scrubbed me everywhere but my lady bits. Boobs, butt cheeks, crack and groin were all in bounds. I could have said “no thanks” but I was fine with it. It was not sexy in any way, and she never made me feel uncomfortable.

Then a full body massage with lots of lotion. Good pressure. My two days post marathon muscles were very happy afterwards.

Then a mini facial with facial massage, cucumbers on the eyes, oatmeal mask. While the mask did it’s work, she massaged my scalp, and washed and conditioned my hair. Last step was a full body milk bath. The woman next to me said afterwards that the experience made her feel like the Queen of Sheeba.

After our treatments, we finished by laying on some yellow clay mats in a dry sauna-type room for a few minutes before getting dressed.

And for all this I paid only $90 plus tip!

My skin was smoother and softer than it’s ever been before. This place is a steal! I’ll go back again for sure.


I did not take any of these photos. That would have been way creepy. All these pics are from the Imperial Spa website.

NOT FABULOUS: Strep Throat

by Michelle

As a fabulous person, I rarely pay any mind to anything that is NOT FABULOUS. However, every once in awhile, a terrible and unfabulous thing occurs with such intensity that I am forced to heed it’s terrible call of “sit down, bitch!”. This week, that thing was strep throat.

I haven’t had strep since I was a teenager, so at first I was a little hesitant to believe that is what could be happening to me, but eventually Dr. Google convinced me to go in and get diagnosed after several days of knife-swallowing pain. Don’t be like me. Learn from my idiocy. Here are the things I found out:

1. If you have a horrible sore throat, are running a fever, and feel like absolute shit, but you aren’t coughing or throwing up, you probably have strep throat.

2. You can get a strep swab and antibiotics by walking into any urgent care clinic – no need to get all formal and wait for a doctor’s appointment.

3. You NEED antibiotics if you have strep. You body can clear the infection on it’s own, but the risk of it spreading to your other organs (like your heart!) is NOT worth it.

4. Once you get your antibiotics, you are good to go within 24 hours. Not contagious, not feeling shitty.


5. Yes, ladies, we all know what taking antibiotics means. But, BUT, it turns out that you can take probiotics with your antibiotics to keep everything fresh and balanced in your lady parts. You’re swallowing a specific type of good bacteria (not strep!), so it will not counteract the effects of your antibiotics. I like Azo Yeast.

I tackled all of this yesterday morning and am already feeling good as new! And that, my friends, is just fabulous.

Ashley’s Nails: 80s NEON

by Ashley

WWFJD? She would match her nails to her shoes for a big race, that’s what. Also, 80’s.

Mia at Sparkle hooked me up with some fab neon lightning bolts, splatters, diamond decals, plus 3D dots. My nails are totally obnoxious, but so are my neon yellow running shoes. Looking fast is very important. It intimidates the competition.

Nails and Nikes


Much love for these nearly worn out Nikes. They’ve taken me well over 250 miles this year. Getting close to 300 and time to retire them.

More about the NYC Marathon coming as soon as pictures are available!

Fashion Icons: FloJo

By Ashley

Florence Griffith Joyner AKA FloJo is one of my style icons. You’ve heard about some of my other fashion inspirations before, but FloJo is also my (healthy) fitspiration.

FloJo '88 Olympics

FloJo @ 1988 Olympics Source: Wikipedia

She was incredibly fast. Her records in the 100M and 200M set in 1988 still stand, and she won 5 Olympic medals. She passed away in her sleep in 1998, but her legacy as a runner and style icon lives on.

FloJo had the nail game on lock. ON. LOCK. (I may have to copy them.)

And those gams! (Strong beats skinny.)

FloJo Stride

I’ll be thinking of the late, great FloJo as I toe the start line of the New York City Marathon this weekend.

Couples Costumes That Don’t Suck

by Michelle

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.42.25 PM

Our last three years of costumes

OK, is it cheesy to dress up for Halloween as a couple? Yep. Do my husband and I still do it every year? You betcha. Hey, everybody’s got their things. Anyway, if you must (and we must), here’s how to not suck at it.

1. Be funny

You’re grown-ass people in costumes. The worst thing you could do is to try to be serious or cutesy. The fact that you’re a couple can not be the main point of the costume. Nobody finds peanut butter & jelly hilarious.

2. Work with your body types

The year I was giantly pregnant, we went as Juno & Bleeker. My hubby’s super skinny frame lends itself well to geeky characters, celebrities, and, uh, banana costumes. Work your natural shape in as part of the costume – it makes the whole thing funnier (see point #1).

3. Amuse your children

Last year, my then 7-year old loved my Katy Perry costume. This year, my almost 2-year-old was delighted by our outfits, saying “Mommy monkey! Daddy banana!” over and over. If you have kids, let them be in on the fun by skipping costumes that are over their heads. Do not, however, force your children to fit your costume theme if they are old enough to have their own ideas. This holiday is mostly for them! Don’t be that guy.

Do you and your partner dress up as part of the same theme? What are you going to be this year?

I tried out Pay and it was super easy

by Ashley

If you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus running the latest update of iOS (8.1) then you now have Pay! I updated last week and wanted to try it out.

To set it up, just open Passbook. You have the option to link the credit card you already have associated with iTunes, which means it just takes a couple of taps and you’re ready to go.

So I went to try it out at the Walgreens a stone’s throw from my apartment. The checker scanned my Walgreens card in Passbook and then I used Pay from the same screen on my phone to complete the sale. Watch how completely painless it was. I was amazed.

Have you tried out Pay yet? Where did you use it? Let us know what you think in the comments.