Meeting Dita Von Teese!

by Ashley

Today I met one of my longtime fashion icons: Ms. Dita Von Teese!


There’s an amazing custom corset store here in San Francisco called Dark Garden. Dita has been a longtime customer of theirs (she was on the cover of Playboy wearing one of their corsets!), and today she did an appearance at the store to launch the availability of her perfumes and Von Follies lingerie line.

Everyone who was there to see her was dressed up. Many wore 1940s outfits and hair, red lips as far as the eye could see, plus a few goths and at least one woman in electrical tape pasties and a bondage rope bustier. There were models wearing Von Follies ensembles, and the staff at the store always wear corsets. All of the men in the photo below were part of Dita’s staff as photographers or bouncers.

The crowd at Dark Garden, including models

I arrived a healthy 45 minutes before the start time to try on my “mandatory” purchase, making me 12th in line to meet the “Queen of Burlesque.” About an hour later, I got to introduce myself to Ms. Dita, shake her hand, get her autograph, and take a few pictures. It was over really quickly.

I’ve seen Dita perform live, but meeting her in person, I really got a sense for how small she is. She is allegedly 5′ 5″ but that’s impossible. Even in her sky-high Louboutins, I towered over her. I’m 5′ 6″, and to be fair I was wearing some serious heels too, but she cannot be 5′ 5″. I was surprised by how thin she was and that her skin was fair and flawless, aside from her beauty mark.

I’m a big fan of Dita because she always looks gorgeous and classy. She’s confident, sexy, and a total BOSS. I wish I could have actually talked to her to see what she’s like as a person, but perhaps I’ll get the chance for that some other time.

I only wish I had reapplied my lip gloss before the photos!

Dita getting out of the car. Look how tiny her legs are!

Dita getting out of the car. Look how tiny her legs are!IMG_0987 IMG_0989 photo

PS: Yes, she was wearing her nails like this.

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