Couples Costumes That Don’t Suck

by Michelle

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.42.25 PM

Our last three years of costumes

OK, is it cheesy to dress up for Halloween as a couple? Yep. Do my husband and I still do it every year? You betcha. Hey, everybody’s got their things. Anyway, if you must (and we must), here’s how to not suck at it.

1. Be funny

You’re grown-ass people in costumes. The worst thing you could do is to try to be serious or cutesy. The fact that you’re a couple can not be the main point of the costume. Nobody finds peanut butter & jelly hilarious.

2. Work with your body types

The year I was giantly pregnant, we went as Juno & Bleeker. My hubby’s super skinny frame lends itself well to geeky characters, celebrities, and, uh, banana costumes. Work your natural shape in as part of the costume – it makes the whole thing funnier (see point #1).

3. Amuse your children

Last year, my then 7-year old loved my Katy Perry costume. This year, my almost 2-year-old was delighted by our outfits, saying “Mommy monkey! Daddy banana!” over and over. If you have kids, let them be in on the fun by skipping costumes that are over their heads. Do not, however, force your children to fit your costume theme if they are old enough to have their own ideas. This holiday is mostly for them! Don’t be that guy.

Do you and your partner dress up as part of the same theme? What are you going to be this year?

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