Fashion Icons: FloJo

By Ashley

Florence Griffith Joyner AKA FloJo is one of my style icons. You’ve heard about some of my other fashion inspirations before, but FloJo is also my (healthy) fitspiration.

FloJo '88 Olympics

FloJo @ 1988 Olympics Source: Wikipedia

She was incredibly fast. Her records in the 100M and 200M set in 1988 still stand, and she won 5 Olympic medals. She passed away in her sleep in 1998, but her legacy as a runner and style icon lives on.

FloJo had the nail game on lock. ON. LOCK. (I may have to copy them.)

And those gams! (Strong beats skinny.)

FloJo Stride

I’ll be thinking of the late, great FloJo as I toe the start line of the New York City Marathon this weekend.

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