Ashley’s Nails: 80s NEON

by Ashley

WWFJD? She would match her nails to her shoes for a big race, that’s what. Also, 80’s.

Mia at Sparkle hooked me up with some fab neon lightning bolts, splatters, diamond decals, plus 3D dots. My nails are totally obnoxious, but so are my neon yellow running shoes. Looking fast is very important. It intimidates the competition.

Nails and Nikes


Much love for these nearly worn out Nikes. They’ve taken me well over 250 miles this year. Getting close to 300 and time to retire them.

More about the NYC Marathon coming as soon as pictures are available!

2 Comments on “Ashley’s Nails: 80s NEON

  1. Dearest ladies! Can’t wait for more NY posts! In the meantime maybe you can tell me what the rules are for nylons these days! I saw a photo of Diane Furstenberg with dark nylons on and it gave me hope I could wear at least dark ones without being a dork. Of course she is my age not yours. And if I can’t wear them what product can I put on my legs?

    Love, an older reader!

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